• Appetizers and Sides

    • Deep Fried Mushrooms

    • French Fries

      Small or Large

    • Poutine

    • Pizza Logs

    • Deep Fried Cheese Curd

    • Pizza Logs

      Four per order served with marinara sauce.

    • Onion Rings

    • Cheese Sticks

    • JalapeƱo Poppers

    • Chicken Tossed Salad

    • Onion Rings

    • Seasoned French Fries

      Our home style french fries topped with delicious gourmet season salt.

    • Bone In Wing Dings

    • Deep Fried Cheese Curd

    • Cheese Sticks

    • Chicken Cordon Blue Balls

    • Deep Fried Mushrooms

    • Jalapeno Poppers

    • Chicken Tenders

      Four breaded and deep fried chicken breast tenders. A tasty favorite. Served with a dipping sauce of your choice.

    • Tossed Salad

    • Boneless Wing Dings

    • Burgers and Sandwiches

    • Chicken Breast Sandwhich & Fries

      Choose either a breaded deep fried chicken breast or a fresh marinated grilled chicken breast. Served with a side of our home style french fries.

    • 6 OZ Hamburger & Fries

      Add cheese or bacon.

    • Buffalo Chicken Sandwhich

    • Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwhich

    • 16 Inch Pizza

    • Pizza Roll

    • Pepperoni Pizza

    • Cheese Pizza

    • Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

    • Carolina Gold Pizza

    • Meat Lovers Pizza

      Pepperoni, bacon, sausage.

    • Deluxe Pizza

    • Garlic Parm Chicken

    • Choice of Toppings

      Mushrooms, peppers, onions, pepperoni, bacon, sausage.

    • Chicken Bacon Ranch

    • Fresh Jumbo Wings

    • Mild, Medium, Hot, Extreme Hot, Hellfire, Sweet & Sassy, Garlic Parm, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Carolina Gold

      Add celery, ranch, blue cheese.